The Solo Station


The patent pending Solo Station is the most innovative padded stool

and microphone/guitar stand combination ever produced!


The Solo Station was designed by Daniel Polselli, who has 40 years of recording studio and live music engineering experience, and professional Las Vegas musician singer/songwriter/entertainer Shawn Eiferman. Shawn has been in the industry for 30+ years and was seeking a way to connect to his entire audience by creating a 360 degree rotating mic solution while eliminating the footprint and tripping hazards of both a mic stand and guitar stand during performances at his 250+ bookings each year! The two designed the most innovative, safe and user-friendly stool, mic and stand combination ever developed. The Solo Station eliminates the need for multiple trips to and from your car while loading in and out your gear, and eliminates the dangerous footprint that is common with traditional mic stands.

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    Premium Comfortable Padded Stool

    -No more uncomfortable metal or wood bar stools to perform on set after set. The Solo Station also has durable locking caster wheels so you can walk to and from your gig with your mic stand, guitar stand, stool, etc. all pulled behind you like luggage in the airport!

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    360 Degree Swinging Boom Stand

    -Adjusts to your height and comfort and follows you as you move!

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    An All-In-One System

    -This provides a safer and more efficient system than ever before with everything you need for your gig in one place. No more tripping over a random guitar stand and no more getting hit in the mouth with your mic as someone from the audience bumps into the base of your mic stand!

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    Attached Guitar Stand

    -Which adjusts to fit all guitar and bass sizes and one less thing to carry and trip over!

The Solo Station is a must-have for any stage, studio, or rehearsal space and for every performing musician or studio recording artist!

Shawn and Daniel specifically designed the Solo Station from decades of experience in both transporting gear, recording, rehearsing and performing live. The Solo Station is for all musicians who desire a secure but movable unit that makes transporting all of their gear more efficient and that allows guitarists, keyboard players, drummers, and anyone an easy way to view and interact with all of their audience while performing.

WATCH The Solo Station Stool Stand in action

Shawn benefits from its clean and unique appearance on stage and valuable connectivity with his audience when recently opening for Pat Benatar and Neil Geraldo in Las Vegas at The Pearl Theater inside The Palms Hotel & Casino!


Be the first to own the patent pending Solo Station Hybrid Stool Stand…. now available for purchase today!

That’s Right! The Solo Stations are now available for purchase at the retail price of $350
Once You Try Your Own Solo Station You Will Never Go Back To An Old Fashioned, Traditional Stool And Mic Stand Again!”

“Designed by Musicians for Musicians”

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